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The time is short look for your guide in the spirit NOW!!!! for a long journey is awaiting... -Rene Soultronics Guru- f.y.i. I just thought of that name :) I enjoy networking online and I try to mix spirituality with technology. I give my clients a magical surprise. I mean I appear to be a very simple person but my personal is intriguing. From War torn El Salvador to Los Angeles protecting the President Of the United States to exploring wine country in Napa to now living in Oregon. If your product or service (which quite possibly there is no difference) is beneficial for the community I am all for it. You can see me trading "likes" on Facebook or introducing persons and organizations here on Linked in by being receptive to the inner needs of the person and going from there. If the geek squad is charging you too much call Rene he will be there in a 123 repairs with Soultronics (for we all got soul).

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