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call center contract work hourly pay flexible schedules

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Created date: Feb. 17, 2016, 4:56 p.m.
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Hi. We are certified professional call agents... whats called a CSP.. we average $500 per week for 40 hrs easy contracting independently for these guys. Certification can be attained usually in a couple months.. not as tough imo as nursing where i came from but this is a skilled trade just the same. Work as little (minimum 20 hours) or as much as you want. Call center work, but from your home here or anywhere in the state. There a lot of other companies doing this but nobody else pays as much they guarantee that too. Their clients are the largest companies in the world, and they have tons off stable work as a result. You work for who you want, when you want, setting your own schedule every 2 weeks and you can even work for more than one client as long as you meet each clients minimum hourly requirements. Military spouses that need stable employment while moving around, students that need flexible schedules, disabled, and single mothers are welcome. Also if you aren't certified, the gov

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