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Tired of Paying FULL Price for Cars

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Created date: Feb. 17, 2016, 4:57 p.m.
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After 27 years Heavy Equipment Field Mechanic (IBOE Local 12) International Brotherhood of Operating Engineers, and 3 years with Shelby American, I retired, and began buying Cars, Trucks, and Scooters at Tow Yard Auctions, and now, my own yard is FULL. I am now offering my services to bring good people to these Auctions, which go on 2 to 4 a week, so that they may also save Hundreds, if not Thousands of dollars in finding the vehicles of their choice. For a nominal fee of $150.00, I will invite you to as many Auctions as you wish to attend, until you find the vehicle you want, help you get it home, run OBD II to see if anything is necessary for Smog, and check A/C pressures to assure proper function. I assure you that with temperament, you will not pay over 1/3 of Low Kelly Blue Book for any vehicle. So, if your tired of paying full price for vehicles call or text.

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