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beautiful crystal clear pool

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 POOL MAINTENANCE! MORE KNOWLEDGE. . .. . .. . .MORE SERVICE..........MORE SAVINGS SAVE MONEY - WE ARE THE BEST IN LAS VEGAS! WE KNOW EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT POOLS! SPECIAL PRICING - WE OFFER A COMPLETE POOL DRAIN & ACID WASH OR CHLORINE BATH - STARTING AT ONLY $200.00 - PRICE INCLUDES COMPLETE POOL DRAIN AND CLEAN UP - ALL NEW CHEMICALS & POOL RE - FILL. A FREE COMPLETE SYSTEM CHECK AND FREE CARTRIDGE FILTER CLEANING IS INCLUDED WITH ANY POOL DRAIN. Regular pool cleaning and monthly maintenance - low rates and NO SERVICE CONTRACT IS REQUIRED! - as low as $60.00 Filter cleaning & replacement - Proper valve operation & suction - Leak checks - Water chemical re-balancing - Timers set for maximum energy savings - New owner orientation Your pool is a major investment - don't trust it to an unreliable, "HERE TODAY - GONE TOMORROW" company. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Call us and then . . .. . .. Forget about your pool - We'll take care of everything! GUARAN

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