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Created date: Feb. 17, 2016, 4:56 p.m.
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I have posted a few ads offering to show people how to set up and make money with bitcoins, I'm starting to get kind of amazed by the response to it though. I was raised In the mountains, had a job I loved and everything was gravy, then 3 years ago I was disabled by a horse, in those three years I lost everything and destroyed my credit not being able to work, it has literally been a nightmare getting help from any program being in my situation so I am forced to figure out how to simply survive without having to begg and live at a shelter, my legs go numb after 10 min of standing. so I have studied bitcoins and I believe it's going to make a big move..a big move and I'm willing to show whoever takes my offer. I can show you how to: 1. set up a wallet and deposit bitcoins. 2. sell bitcoins for $.63 on the dollar or for giftcards. 3. investment, binary options, and bitcoin trading. 4. research of above investment sites. 5. security and keeping your bitcoins safe from data stealers and ha

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