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I'm looking for a place in Austin now

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Created date: Feb. 17, 2016, 4:57 p.m.
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I'm looking for roommates, over the age of 30, who are non-smokers that already live in a house or townhome. I'm open to living in most areas within the City of Austin except anything south of Riverside Drive. I work for Uber, and I can move-in 03/31/16, but this date is negotiable.

I'm looking for roommates who are respectful of each other. Also, I would like roommates who will be okay with me playing my guitar through an amp at a reasonable volume(my amp goes to 15 i practice at a 3 or 4), and I like to play my radio loud sometimes...though I will not do that in the middle of the night, or late at night, & I would shut my bedroom door when I do turn up my radio. Anyway, I want roommates that aren't party animals 24/7, and over the age of 30. Also, I prefer roommates who use natural or green/eco-friendly cleaners in the house whenever they do clean...I am not a clean freak I just prefer natural/green cleaners be used in the house if/when someone does clean because I cannot stand

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