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Looking to Work a 4-Day Work Week Schedule?

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Created date: Feb. 17, 2016, 4:56 p.m.
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Do you currently work in retail or hospitality and lack a sense of purpose in your job? Would you prefer a job that allows you to make an impact and be part of a larger cause? I know how you feel! My name is Eric and I used to feel the same way before starting my career at West. I worked in retail and felt like I was always working but not really getting anything out of it. I never realized I had options, until my friend told me he worked at West on a 4-day work week schedule, always having 3 days off together. And, he was making an impact! Having recognized my potential to work in the business field, I was offered a position at West to start in their sales training school. Now, I'm working full-time on our financial services team and enjoying professional growth on a daily basis. And as an added bonus, I love our cutting-edge technology! If you too are looking for a more satisfying career, please contact our hiring team. Sherry would be happy to talk with you about your potential to a

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