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Find LICENSED care for your child

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Parents: To FIND a licensed/registered child care program (center or home setting), or VERIFY that a program is licensed/registered: (click on the yellow "Parents" box) OR These links allow you to search all licensed/registered centers and homes. And, you can easily review their state reports online, including recent inspections and any investigations. Please note -- a person providing ongoing care for children in her own home without being currently licensed/registered is in violation of state law (Family and Group Child Care Homes Public Act 116). It is illegal for her to care for unrelated children in her home without being licensed/registered by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (which investigates all related reports, shuts down unlicensed homes, and can pursue charges against unlicensed providers). This includes any "stay at home mom/SAHM/babysitter/grandma/nurse/etc." who

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